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Formed by a multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Marco Aurélio K. Reggazzo, it aims to offer the best of its staff in benefit of the patient.


The ABDOMINOPLASTY or Tummy Tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that removes the skin and fat excess and restores the weakened muscles of the abdomen. It is indicated for men and women who have skin and/or muscle sagging in this region of the body.

The main cause for abdominal sagging in women is pregnancy, mainly if there was more than one, and the weight gain was significant. Another cause for both men and women´s sagging is a major weight loss either through diets or through a bariatric surgery (surgery for the treatment of obesity). The ABDOMINOPLASTY is performed under epidural anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. Patients must stay in hospital for two days and the main post-operative care is related to the restriction of movements and efforts. Patients must wear a post-operative compression garment to allow them more firmness and safety. This garment must be worn for about 30-40 days.

The first month after the surgery is the period that requires the most care. Patients must avoid excessive and strenuous exercises and mustn´t drive during this period. Patients are also recommended to avoid going up stairs in the first fortnight after the surgery and must sleep lying on their back (belly up) with their knees slightly bent. It is also important to walk bent over at the hips to avoid stretching the abdomen. At first sight, it seems to be a lot of care, but the ABDOMINOPLASTY has a very important characteristic: when it is well planned, well performed and well cared, the results are everlasting. So, a cost-benefit analysis must be made.

Another important issue about the ABDOMINOPLASTY is the scar, which is proportional to the amount of skin removed, that is, the bigger the abdomen, the bigger the scar. Nevertheless, when the dissatisfaction with the abdominal sagging is meaningful, patients don´t hesitate in having a flat abdomen with a well located and well cared scar instead. The abdomen is the gravity center of our body. When a person has flaccid abdominal muscles she/he tends to have a bad posture and vice-versa. Very often the abdominal muscles weaken causing severe back pains. In these cases, the ABDOMINOPLASTY practically solves the problem.

The ABDOMINOPLASTY doesn´t exempt patients from exercising. On the contrary, we recommend it highly and what we have observed continuously is that the surgery provokes a positive factor in patients, making them more interested in looking after their body and their overall health.