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Botox® produces a facial rejuvenation effect, improving the appearance of frown lines mainly in the 1/3 upper part of the face. The rejuvenating action of BOTOX occurs due to the partial paralyzation of certain face muscles which, by constant contraction, are responsible for producing frown lines.

BOTOX has a temporary effect. In average, 4 to 6 months after the application the body eliminates this substance and gives back the normal muscle contractions and former frown lines to the face. BOTOX doesn´t replace the facial lift and the facial lift doesn´t replace BOTOX. Both have different indications. The facial lift is indicated to correct sagging, fat and muscles of the skin. BOTOX is indicated to soften frown lines in the forehead and mainly crow´s feet in the eyes area.

The botulinum toxin can be used when frown lines start to appear. Its use is very common in people who are between 30 and 70 years old, although there are some 20 year-old patients that also use this toxin. This is not a harmful substance. By the way, the botulinum toxin is a biological medicine, made of bacteria, used widely in many fields of medicine like neurology, neuropediatrics, oftalmology,etc.. It can also be used to correct hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating in hands, armpits, feet, etc).

BOTOX can be injected in the doctor´s office. The pain line is very subjective, but the procedure is relatively fast and the reapplication rate is really high. As it is a medical procedure it is not recommended to be performed in aesthetic clinics. It must be performed in medical offices or clinics by doctors specialized and well trained to this procedure.