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Formed by a multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Marco Aurélio K. Reggazzo, it aims to offer the best of its staff in benefit of the patient.

Face Lifting

Also called facial rejuvenation surgery or lifting, this procedure consists in replacing the structure of the face (skin, fat, muscles) with the objective of reducing intense expression lines and sagging.

Along the years the body undergoes a process named atrophy. The atrophied tissues suffer the gravity strength effects that lead to sagging. Also, the degree of ageing in certain periods of life depends on intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

The intrinsic ones are inherent to the individual genetics (kind of skin). The extrinsic ones are some external factors that have an important influence on the ageing degree such as smoking, stress, food habits and most of all, the sun.

What leads a person to undergo this kind of surgery is the motivation. In most cases there is an imbalance between the appearance and the way the individual feels, that is, the individual feels better, more energetic and younger than what he/she sees when he/she looks at him/herself in the mirror. There is a disharmony between body and spirit and what the facial lifting does is exactly this: the pursuit for balance between face and soul. The results must be the most natural possible in order to avoid the stigma of a facial plastic surgery. In this case, more than ever, exaggeration is adverse.

The facial lifting is usually performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation and it lasts around 3 hours. The patient must stay in hospital for two days and it is almost painless. Usually, after 48 hours the bandage is removed and the head can be washed with a special shampoo so that the stitches located in the haired areas can scar well. Swelling and bruises are expected mainly in the eyes area. In the first few weeks some restrictive care is necessary mainly when it comes to facial movements.

After this period patients are able to resume their activities practically in the same way as they did before the surgery. Sun must be avoided in the first few months and patients must take good care of their skin in the post-operative period.

The facial lifting is a completely individualized procedure. Its basic technique is very simple, but the procedure is totally personalized. This surgery must be performed in its most appropriate degree and intensity, according to the patient´s necessities. Its goal mustn´t be "the more pulled-up, the better", but the restoration of the face harmony. The face can be didactically divided into three thirds: upper, medium and lower. In the upper part we restore the forehead (muscles and expression lines), eyebrows, upper and lower lids. In the medium part we replace the fat and muscles that literally have gone down along the years.

10 We can also work the contour of the lips with peeling and filling. In the lower third we restore the neck (muscles, fat and skin). It is the harmonization of treatment among these structures that gives us a young, natural and satisfactory result.

Ageing is inexorable, but we can soften the lines caused by the time through a facial plastic surgery.