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Formed by a multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Marco Aurélio K. Reggazzo, it aims to offer the best of its staff in benefit of the patient.


This is a surgery that corrects the famous prominent (stick-out) ears or "Dumbo Ears". This procedure is performed through an incision in the posterior part of the ear. Through a reshaping of the auricular cartilage, the angle of the ears are modified, becoming more "closed". This is the only purely aesthetic surgery that can be performed in children after 6 years old. From this age on the ears acquire a size that is very close to the definitive one. For children, the best anesthesia is the general anesthesia. For the preadolescents and adults it is used the local anesthesia with sedation. The recovery period is relatively easy. Patients can go home on the same day of the surgery. The area operated must be bandaged for three days and patients must wear an elastic band to sleep with for 30 days.

During the post-operative period patients must avoid sun exposure and the practice of physical exercises. There are no contraindications for this surgery since the patient really wants to undergo this procedure. This is a surgery that provides a lot of satisfaction to the patient, resulting in an outstanding increase in his/her self-esteem. It is very common for children to be bullied at school because of their "Dumbo Ears", and many of them even get nicknames for this. For boys it is always more uncomfortable because they usually cannot disguise it by wearing long hair, headbands or other hair accessories.