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Formed by a multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Marco Aurélio K. Reggazzo, it aims to offer the best of its staff in benefit of the patient.


This is a plastic surgical procedure that increases the volume and improves the projection of the area through the filling of the gluteus with silicon prosthesis. It is indicated for those who want to increase, mold and/or correct flaccidity of the gluteus and don´t have enough fat in the body to undergo a liposculpture. This surgery is much wanted by people from specific ethnic groups such as the descendants from Asian and Europeans that, because of their genetic heritage, don´t have prominent butts.

This technique consists of making an incision in the intergluteal cleft (area between the buttocks), located some inches above the coccyx. The prosthesis is located in the middle of the gluteus maximus muscle. A space in the middle of this muscle is created to place the prosthesis, bringing more protection and a more natural look to the final result. In this surgery we use epidural anesthesia with sedation.

This technique has evolved a lot in the past few years, bringing more comfort, safety and efficiency to the aesthetic results. As they are intramuscular prostheses, they feel well protected and offer no risk of being distorted by sitting or being pressed.

The evolution of this surgery is responsible for the growing number of patients who search for it year after year, although it is still unknown why patients who undergo this procedure don´t usually like to reveal it. It is the doctor´s responsibility along with the patient, to choose the size of the prostheses that will best fit the patient, according to the size of his/her hips, in order to have a harmonious result. The manufacturers´ sizes range from 180ml to 360ml, but it is still possible to order bigger sizes. The prostheses used in the gluteus are not the same used in the breasts. Both are made of silicone gel, but the protecting capsule of the gluteus prosthesis is tougher and the gel is more consistent. But as well as the breast prostheses, the gluteus prostheses must be changed in the long run.

After 24 hours in hospital, it is necessary to wait for a few days to sit fully on the gluteus, 30 days to drive and 45 days to practice physical exercises. On the first days the patient must sleep in ventral decubitus position (lying on the stomach), and then sleep in lateral position until the 15th day. The advance in this kind of plastic surgery has motivated specially women to search for more beautiful buttocks. Besides leaving an imperceptible scar, the gluteus prosthesis contributes considerably to increase women´s self-esteem, once in Brazil, having nice buttocks is essential to meet the beauty patterns of our culture. The only "disadvantage" of having a gluteus prosthesis is that it´s not possible to have injections in this area anymore.