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Formed by a multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Marco Aurélio K. Reggazzo, it aims to offer the best of its staff in benefit of the patient.


This surgery is performed through the inclusion of a silicone prosthesis. It must be performed in a very well equipped surgical center, under general anesthesia or upper epidural anesthesia with sedation. Sometimes local anesthesia with sedation is also possible, but only in exceptional cases. The most frequent incision is the periareolar incision, but the crease incision is also very common. The kind of prosthesis we use doesn´t permit us to perform a surgery via axilla because the incision is very long. Besides breast augmentation, when skin resection is necessary to treat flaccidity, we often use the periareolar resection, which results in a scar just around the areola. The prosthesis can be placed under the gland or under the breast muscle. We often place the prosthesis under the gland. Only in some exceptional cases (when patients are too thin, in severe hypomastia or implant exchange) we place the implant under the muscle.

This surgical procedure usually takes about 2 hours and patients stay in hospital for about 24 hours. Patients usually experience soreness, but in this case, they receive some painkillers. The breasts get swollen, but the swelling decreases day by day. Taking a lot of care and following the physician´s instructions strictly is key to the success of the surgery. The most important is to avoid fast movements and lifting weight. The use of a special bra is also recommended for 30 days. Physical activities like gym, are permitted only after 30 days. The scar may have a reddish look in the first few months, losing this aspect along the time. The final result of a breast prosthesis surgery can be seen only after 4—6 months.

Nowadays there is a consensus that breast prostheses must be changed after some years, although it is not known yet exactly how long patients can stay with the same prosthesis. We always advise our patients to be alert to their implants and to have them changed after 10 or 15 years.

There are many prosthesis models and manufacturers, and we consider the ones used by us the best. It couldn´t be different, for in Medical area we must always believe that what we do for our patients is really the best.

There has been a meaningful increase in the average number of implanted prostheses in Brazil in the last few years. This, more than a fad, reflects a cultural change in beauty patterns and body contours. Contrary to what many people at first thought, it hasn´t occurred an "Americanization" of the prostheses sizes. Obviously, there are some overt cases of exaggeration. But mostly, patients ask us not to have such big prostheses, they don´t want to look like so-and-so from TV. Exaggeration is always harmful. Even water in excess is harmful. We must have in mind that the surgery is individual, personal. So, the choice of the prostheses size is very important, but still the most important is the full beauty of the breasts.